pricing and processes

The Process 

Once you have decided that you would like a Nanny or Babysitter or would like some further information, you can either contact Nanny2u via the website / Facebook page or call to make a booking.

You will be asked to complete a Parent Booking Form regarding your needs/dates and any special requirements.

Casual Placement (Nanny or Babysitter)

For a casual placement, we will send you details of a carer that suits your requirements. If you wish to go ahead, your carer will contact you the day before the booking to introduce herself, where there is sufficient notice or as soon as possible. At this time, you should confirm dates / start and finish times, information about the children and hourly rate of pay (this has already been given to the Nanny or Babysitter but it is important to confirm the details).  The booking fee must be paid prior to the job commencing.

Permanent Placement (Nanny or Babysitter)

For a permanent placement, we will provide you with the information of two to three carers (if possible) that we consider will meet your requirements. You may interview both carers , if they meet your requirements, then you and the carer mutually agree whether you want to engage them and they want to be engaged for the position.  We can provide you with guidance on the permanent placement interviews and recruitment.  The deposit must be paid prior to the search commencing.


There is no registration fee with Nanny2u.

A Referral (permanent) or Booking (casual)  Fee is payable to Nanny2u when you confirm the casual or permanent placement.  The Referral Fee is calculated as follows:

Casual Placement (either Nanny or Babysitter) :

$30.00 payable for each calendar day that the carer is booked for, payable prior to the Booking commencing (plus the carer’s hourly rate), please contact Nanny2u for extended bookings as a discount applies;

Emergency Casual Placement (either Nanny or Babysitter) within 12  hours of the required job:

$50 payable for the booking (plus the carer’s hourly rate):

Permanent Placement referral fee payable as follows (these fee’s are based on a full day):

  • $500 for a 1 or 2 day per week placement,
  • $750 for 3 day per week placement,
  • $1000 for 4 day per week placement,
  • $1250 for 5 day per week placement,

payable as $100 deposit  – on your request for a carer and  confirmation that you accept the Terms, and the balance when the Client has agreed to accept a carer.

Nanny2u will provide you with tax invoices for the Referral Fee and/or Placement Fee.

Carers are paid their hourly rate directly by the family.