11 Ways To Celebrate With Dad This Fathers Day

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11 Ways To Celebrate With Dad This Father's Day, Nanny2u, father's day, sydney nannies

Celebrate dad, his corny dad jokes, and his endless love for his kids with a fun family-inspired gift this Father’s Day. We’ve compiled 11 ways to celebrate with Dad this Father’s Day.


Do A Daddy Dress Up PhotoShoot

Have the kids dress up like Dad (e.g. suit and tie or builders clothes, or a typical “dad” T-shirt and so on) and stage a photoshoot. Then frame the photos and gift it to him. Even better, have Dad join the photo!

Fun Facts Poster

On a large poster or sheet of card, have the kids write fun facts about Dad (from their perspective) and then decorate. Dad will be chuffed (and probably quite amused) to read some of the observations his children have made!

Make A ‘Dad Jokes’ Book

Compile a list of the best dad jokes and sayings (some that maybe Dad has been known to say and others that Dad can use for inspiration) and make a DIY joke book. To make it more personal, have the kids write the dedication on the inside cover to celebrate Dad.

Go Fishing

Pack up a picnic basket, grab some equipment and head off down to your local fishing spot for an afternoon of fishing together. Dad will love being able to spend some time with his children, and to teach them all about fishing! Just don’t forget the hats and sunscreen!

Superhero Hand Prints

If Dad occupies the role of “superhero” at home, a lovely gift to celebrate Dad is to make an imprint of Dad’s hand right next to the kids hands onto either a piece of card or even into plaster of paris and then frame. It’ll be a lovely reminder for Dad each time that he will always be his kids superhero.

Make Breakfast in Bed

Given that the children are always up early (parents don’t get sleep ins right?), gather them together in the kitchen and have them help you put together breakfast in bed (or on the couch) for dad. Breakfast doesn’t have to be extravagant, simply have them help with easy recipes like cereal or fruit salad or yoghurt and muesli or bacon toast. We bet the kids will be super proud of their contributions!

11 Ways To Celebrate With Dad This Father's Day-1, Nanny2u, Sydney nannies, Father's Day

Make a Father’s Day Picture Collage

Collect a bunch of cute photos of Daddy and children (this may take some organisation and pre-planning if you’ve got to print digital copies) and then have the kids either cut and paste into a collage together or pop into photo frames for Dad to display.

Daddy’s Sports Day

If Dad is a big sports fan in your house, have a Daddy’s sports day! Gather together a bunch of sporting equipment and head out into the backyard or to the local park for an afternoon of family sports and games together. We bet Dad will love teaching the kids how to play footy and cricket!

DIY Tool Kit Card

If Dad is a bit of a handy-man if your house (and your kids enjoy a good craft session), why not make a DIY Tool Kit Card. Homemade cards are always such a special touch, and usually the only ones to survive the 6-monthly de-clutter. Gather some thick card stock, some stencils, and the colouring pencils and cut out a toolkit shaped card. For a special touch, pop in a corny Dad joke into the card for extra measure.

Have A Movie Night

Whilst for the kids, father’s day is all about celebrating their daddy, it’s also the time to celebrate their granddaddy. Whether it be for the cinemas or at home, gift Granddad (or Pop) a popcorn shaped movie night invitation and remind the kids that their dad is celebrating his dad as well. Have a joint Father’s Day movie night together.

Do Nothing

Dads and families in general are super busy these days, and if your Dad is like ours, between the Saturday sports, the birthday parties, the grocery shopping and the countless errands, weekends don’t always mean slow living. So this Father’s Day, why not spend some quality time at home together as a family doing nothing! Pull out the board games, read books together, pop on a family movie (preferably Dad’s choice) and hazy a lazy day – Dad will love it.


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> What have you got planned to celebrate with Dad this Father’s Day?

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