4 Tips For Working Alongside Household Staff

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4 Tips For Working Alongside Household Staff, Nanny2u, Housekeeper2u, household staff, nanny agency, sydney nanny agency

Working in a household environment can at times be quite isolating, and if you don’t get much opportunity to explore various social activities with the children, conversation at times can be limiting. So the appeal of a colleague in the home with you often signifies the chance to offset that isolation.

However, having other household staff in your working environment can present challenges, just like any coworker environment. If you work alongside other staff in the nanny household, or even if it’s just a regular cleaner, it’s important that you maintain a positive working relationship between the household staff.

4 Tips For Working Alongside Household Staff


We’re sharing 4 tips for working alongside household staff.

1. Good Communication Is A Must

As with any workplace, good communication is a must to ensure that everyone is on the same page. It’s important to know the “what, where and when,” especially when children are involved.

4 Tips For Working Alongside Household Staff, Household staff, staffed house, nanny2u, domestic staffing agency sydney


2. Respect Each Other

To keep a busy household happy and running smoothly, you need to work together to present a united front. This includes having a mutual respect for each other and the other staff, and the role you play in the overall operation. More importantly, always remain respectful towards your boss and employers.

3. Remain Neutral

Let’s be honest, with a household full of staff and various expectations and job descriptions, issues are likely to happen at least once or twice. In the event that an encounter does arise, remain neutral, refrain from getting involved in other conflict, remember to be respectful and don’t sell each other out.

4. Stay Positive

A household staff needs balance in order to reach that level of domestic bliss. Ultimately, the aim is for the household employees to be happy and feel appreciated. Regardless of any gripes you personally might be experiencing in the role, stay positive with your colleagues. Listen carefully to what they say, be constructive and helpful, support each other and appreciate the collaborative effort that you bring to the service. Be a team player and don’t add more work to another’s job.

4 Tips For Working Alongside Household Staff, Nanny2u, Housekeeper2u, Sydney Nanny Agency, nanny agency, household staff


Whether it be another nanny, chefs, personal trainers, drivers, security detail, butlers, housekeepers, gardeners, or even just regular maintenance personnel, teamwork and good communication is vital in order to present a united front when working alongside household staff.


>>> Do you have any tips for working alongside household staff?

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