7 Things About Working With Multiples

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Oh you say having multiples will be hard? Good thing you said something, I was under the impression it was going to be easy. But wait, could it be?

Here’s 7 things you should know about working with multiples, plus our tips and tricks!


Make A Plan

Before you start your day, whether it’s to leave the house or to stay at home, make a plan. Always allow for extra time – trust me, you’ll need it!

Be Super Organised

From baby bottles to sock drawers, having everything organised will make life easier. Take the time in the evening once your babies are sleeping (or first thing in the morning) to prepare all of their bottles for feeding and arrange in the fridge in chronological order according to their required feeds. Lay out clothes for the next day, double check the nappy bag, and see meal prep as your best friend. Make things easy to find, and always have back ups!

Routine, Routine, Routine

If you can achieve it, routine will be your saving grace, your sanity saver. Most children thrive on routines, and whether you’ve got newborn twins or toddler twins, routine and structure will help to keep everything running smoothly. For newborns, have a solid sleep and feeding schedule, and have them self settle. As a sleep consultant advised, this should develop naturally as they find that one will always have to wait for the other.

Tip: If simultaneous feeds are too tricky, try and stagger one baby’s feed by 30 minutes.

When Out and About

Getting out the door can be a massive feat. For little ones, a double stroller or baby carriers are a must, and bring multiples of everything (we’re talking snacks, clothes, blankets, toys, you name it). If you’re popping in to the shops, put one child into your carrier so that you’ve got the extra space in the pram to cart your heavy shopping items.

Tip: get yourself a carabiner to attach to the pram to place all of your shopping bags onto. Be careful not to overload the pram!

7 things about working with multiples, multiples, twins, nanny2u, nanny agency, nannylife

Enlist their help

Toddlers can be full on as it is, without adding a double team to the mix. To make simple tasks and activities easier, enlist their help. Have them hold hands, to wait by the car door until everyone is out, explain that we all stay together as a team, and have them both watch and listen to each other. For the best possible outcome, create a dynamic of team work. It doesn’t always have to be two against one!

Be Flexible

OK so we just told you that routine and plans are crucial. They definitely are. That being said, being flexible when needed can mean the difference between feeling stressed and overwhelmed, or confident and at ease. Sometimes – be it the weather, the occasion, their mood, your mood, or forces outside of your control – things simply won’t always go to plan. Be ready and open to change.

Not all multiples are the same (even if identical)

Keep in mind that even when identical, twins (or multiples in general) have their own unique personality, interest and feelings. They can be chalk and cheese. Treat them individually and not as a couple, and encourage individual talents and interests. Most of all,
respect the bond they have with each other.

Tip: be cautious not to consistently compare your twins with one another. If it is a constant competition, or race to the finish line (be it walking, talking, sleeping, ballet competitions or academic grades), the comparisons will cause you too much stress and place unfair constraints onto your children.


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