Our Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Nanny

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Nanny, Nanny2u, Sydney Nanny Agency, gifts for nanny

Today we’re sharing our best Christmas gift ideas for your nanny. Why? Because over the past year your nanny has been an integral part of the family. She’s been your right hand lady, and not only does she care for your little precious people, she also contributes to the everyday running of your household.

As Christmas sneaks up very fast, and you’re crazy busy, we thought we’d make one of the jobs from your Christmas list just that little bit easier and share our top Christmas gift ideas for your nanny.

We sat down with a bunch of our lovely Nanny2u nannies and did a bit of research (or covert gift-idea questioning) to give you the latest info – Christmas gift ideas for your nanny. Special, meaningful gifts for your nanny are an easy way to say thank you, and remind your nanny how appreciated she is.

Our Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Nanny


One Of A Kind

First and foremost – things that come straight form the heart are always a winner. Beautiful cards, poems or paintings from the kids are always lovely gifts that show the integral role and influence your nanny has on your children, and is a lovely gesture of appreciation.

Handmade Items

On the same token as gifts that are one-of-a-kind, absolutely anything home made is also likely to withstand the test of time. Handmade items will make their way into that special box that Nanny keeps filled with heart-felt gifts collected over the years. One nanny says, “Miss H used to paint me pictures and it would absolutely melt my heart! I think anything they have put effort into is just to die for!”


I found this print (see below, and over on Pinterest) – and I love it! I’m getting one made for my nanny (oops, I hope she’s not reading this post). It really brought a tear to my eye reading these lovely words, and I think it is perfect. It really encapsulates the relationship between the nanny and the family.


Gift Vouchers

Even though these suggestions aren’t as sentimental as some might like, vouchers are definitely a popular Christmas gift with our nannies. Gift Vouchers are a great way to ensure your nanny can purchase exactly what they would like.

Like you, nannies love a bit of time away from the kids, with a bit of pampering or ‘me time’ included. I’ve found that when purchasing vouchers I try to purchase the ones that can be used in multiple locations. For example:

1. Beauty Therapy Voucher (Massage, facial, manicure or pedicure) – places like Urban Spa have multiple locations so work for most people. Vouchers can also be purchased on-line at UrbanSpa.

2. Retail Gift Vouchers – these can be great, as again, it enables your nanny to purchase anything that she has been wanting. Places like Westfield are fantastic as they can use the voucher at any shop within the centre – these can also be purchased on-line at Westfield.

3. A beautiful hamper – one of our nannies told us that her long term family used to give her a hamper every year. It would contain unusual foods and spices and nice organic produce that she wouldn’t normally buy (and she loved it). Try A Little Luxury for some beautiful hampers.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Nanny, Nanny2u, Sydney Nanny Agency, gifts for nanny

4. Subscriptions ­– to something that interests your nanny (it lets your nanny know that you take an interest in the things she likes). For example, Adobe photo programs for the budding nanny photographer, craft and cooking magazines like Hooray! Mag and Donna Hay from iSubscribe or Mag Shop, health food subscription boxes from Goodness Me Box or craft subscription boxes from Clever Patch. Even Gym or Yoga memberships like YogaPass can be a lovely thoughtful gift if you know it’s important to your nanny.

5. Gold Class Movie Tickets – who doesn’t love a night out at the movies in style! This is great gift because most of the time it’s not something you would normally buy for yourself, so it’s very indulgent. You can get tickets online from Event Cinemas Gold Class.

6. Car Wash and Clean – if your nanny is using her own car to drive your kids, it is a great idea to pay for her car to be washed and cleaned. Regardless of how many times she’s vacuumed it, that sticky mush on the floor is not going to come off, and there’s likely 12,000+ sultanas throughout, so it would be nice to get her car to look the way it did before tiny humans took over.

That being said, the voucher to *beat* all vouchers would be a Red Balloon Voucher. Red Balloon offer Gift Vouchers or you can pick the gift you want. They have everything from beauty (facials, massage etc), to gift packs, to learning to paddle board, to designing your own shoes, chocolate hampers and even event tickets. Plus so much more! This would be my pick as it’s everything on-line and so many fabulous ideas.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Nanny, Nanny2u, Sydney Nanny Agency, nanny for multiples, hiring a nanny sydney, gifts for nanny

I hope we were able to give you some fantastic idea’s to help with the perfect present for your nanny. We know that Christmas time can be hectic and rushed, and it can feel like money is just walking out the door.

But remember, with all of those added chances to see your nanny (what with all those Christmas parties you’re heading off to), now’s the perfect time to slow down and check in with your nanny and say “thank you, and we appreciate you.” Our best Christmas gift ideas for your nanny will simply be the icing on the cake.

Pinterest image source: Jalipeno Etsy shop


>>> What does Christmas time look like at your family this time of year? We’d love to see a photo over on Nanny2u Facebook.

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