Difference Between A Nanny and Housekeeper

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Difference between a nanny and a housekeeper, Nanny2u, Sydney Nanny Agency

If you’re lucky enough to have a nanny care for your children, you will know just how much your nanny plays a supportive role in your family dynamic.

Your nanny’s primary role, and the role they’re trained and passionate in undertaking, is to see to the educational care, growth, and development of your children. A nanny will carry out these duties as relative to their age, keeping current with developmental milestones and age appropriate expectations.

The difference between a Nanny and Housekeeper



A housekeeper runs the house. A nanny raises the children.

A nanny will generally see to the day to day needs of the children in their care. This may include attending to the children’s laundry, their dirty dishes, tidying the toys and the playroom, preparing children’s meals and doing light grocery shopping. A nanny will also ensure that shared living spaces are tidy, uncluttered, and that surfaces are clean.

An experienced nanny will incorporate these tasks into the daily schedule with the children. Your nanny will use these tasks to facilitate learning opportunities. For example, the tidying of bedrooms and emptying the dishwasher can become a child’s chore overseen by the nanny – teaching responsibilities and family values.

So What is the Role of the Housekeeper?

Housekeeping typically covers cleaning, shopping and cooking.

Whereas a nanny will see to the children, whether in conjunction with a nanny or as a sole household operator, the housekeeper will see to the demands of the house to keep it running smoothly.

Difference between a nanny and a housekeeper, Nanny2u, Sydney Nanny Agency

Typical housekeeping duties can involve:

Daily dusting and cleaning surfaces, grocery shopping and meal planning, food preparation and cooking, laundry, ironing, organising, decluttering and tidying cupboards, rotating food in the fridge and keeping it clean, keeping bedrooms light and airy, airing rooms and mattresses, changing the bedsheets and cleaning linen, maintaining appliances, oiling furniture, cleaning windows, freshening carpets, re-organising garage storage and carrying out errands such as posting mail, bill payment, arranging labourers and property maintenance.

In some instances, a skilled and highly experienced housekeeper will also undertake limited supervisorial care of the children. This often occurs when children are school age and require adult supervision in the afternoons and evenings, providing transport assistance to after school activities and homework duties.


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