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First Aid for Funnel Web Spider

First Aid for Funnel Web Spider and Snake bites


With spring firmly arrived (can I get a thank god!), our friend Sarah stopped by to talk to us about first aid tips for kids, and the all important CPR advice that all nannies, carers, and parents should be up-to-date on.


Sarah Hunstead is a registered nurse, paediatric nurse, mother of 2 and founding director of CPR Kids. Thanks Sarah for joining us on the blog, and we look forward to getting our hands on a copy of your new book: A Life. A Finger. A pea up a nose!

Spring is now here, the weather is warming up, and we’re emerging from our homes ready for the sunny outdoors. The kids are spending more time in the backyard and park, and so are the creepy crawlies.  In Australia, we have more than our fair share of venomous creatures, and it’s vital that we know what to do in an emergency if our children are bitten or stung.

When it comes to venomous creatures, it’s more likely that our kids may be stung by a bee or stand on a sea urchin than get bitten by a snake. However, if you live in a snake or funnel web spider area, or you like to get out and about in the bush with the kids, you must know the first aid.

So, what do you do if your child is bitten by a snake or funnel web spider?


  1. 1. Apply the Pressure Immobilisation Technique (P.I.T)
  2. 2. Keep your child calm and still
  3. 3. Seek urgent medical help – 000 ambulance
  4. 4. Be ready to commence CPR if needed


But what about tourniquets? Or sucking out the venom? All a no-no! Don’t wash or cut the bite site, and tourniquets don’t work – venom travels in the lymph system hence the need to compress the whole limb, not cut off the blood supply.

So how do apply a pressure bandage? Watch the CPR Kids video and empower yourself with the skills to help your child in an emergency!

With 15 years of experience in paediatric emergency nursing and a determination to share her life-saving knowledge with others, Sarah founded CPR Kids in 2012.

Becoming a mother reinforced how valuable her professional experience was – if her girls were sick or injured, she knew just what to do. By teaching other parents and carers vital first aid and CPR skills, Sarah gives them the knowledge and confidence to help a child in an emergency.

A Life A Finger A Pea A Nose


A Life. A Finger. A pea up a nose!


Sarah’s book A life. A finger. A pea up a nose: A practical guide to baby and child first aid has been released by Harper Collins publishers in September 2017. Sarah has a Masters Degree in Clinical Practice, and has worked in various roles in paediatric emergency departments in Sydney and Melbourne, including Nurse Unit Manager and Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Follow more of Sarah and CPR Kids on social media at: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Linked in.

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