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Pricing & Processes

Once you have decided that you would like a Nanny or Babysitter, or would like some further information, you can either contact Nanny2u here via the website, via Facebook, or call to make a booking.

You will be asked to complete a Parent Booking Form regarding your needs and dates, and to detail any special requirements.

Casual Placement (Nanny or Babysitter)

For a casual placement, we will send you details of a carer that suits your requirements. Once you’ve decided to proceed, your carer will contact you the day before the booking to introduce themselves.


At this time, you should confirm dates, and start and finish times, provide necessary information about the children, and confirm the hourly rate of pay. The carer will already have been informed of the pay rates, however it’s important to confirm the details.


Casual Placement Fee is $30 per booking per day.


The Nanny2u booking fee must be paid prior to the job commencing.

Permanent Placement (Nanny or Babysitter)

For a permanent placement, we will provide you with the information of two to three carers (if possible), whom we consider to meet your requirements. You may interview both carers.


If you’re happy with the applicant, you can then mutually agree as to whether you wish to engage them, and they wish to be engaged for the position. For permanent placement interviews, we can provide guidance and assistance with recruitment.


Permanent Placement Fee’s

1-2 days- $600

3 days- $900

4 days- $1200

5 days- $1500


Nanny2u requires a $100 non-refundable deposit. This must be paid prior to the commencement of the recruitment process.

  • Thank you so much to Casey for the generous donation of three hours babysitting. I was so grateful to receive the support of Nanny2u.

    Karen Prowse
    Karen Prowse Event Organiser

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